Monday, 14 October 2013

My Research Thoughts

It seems I must narrow down what I want to do for my Master of Ed research. Just as I think I have it figured out, my brain takes off on another tangent. I never had to worry about "declaring a major" in my undergrad, but I think I now know how that feels and the stress it causes!

So - here's what I'm thinking ...
1) What's the continuance rate of students who use AT, and why?
2) Once introduced to technology, how do teachers transform their practice?

I think the broad topic is Transformative Learning and/or Transformative PD (nudged to this conclusion by my professor, Dr. Lorayne Robertson)

My goals for the first would be to figure out why students are reluctant to use AT and how to overcome that.
My goal for the second would be to find what works for teachers to transform their practice and what is still needed?
My ultimate goal with this M.Ed is to teach AQ courses, so maybe I should focus on the adult learner. However, I'm currently so immersed in the adolescent learner and accessibility, adaptability, UDL as it relates to Student Success, that I feel like I should focus here too ...aggghhh!

Here's my concept map:
It's no wonder I can't zero in ...

THOUGHTS? (please ...)


  1. I really like where you're going with this, Janet! My preference would actually be for Question #2, as I think it applies everything that you have on this concept map, but gives all of these individual points more meaning. I'm really curious about this topic too, and would love to follow your research on it. Good luck making your final decisions!


  2. Aviva! Yeah, that's the way I'm leaning too! I'm thinking of the research part of this ...I'd get to see some amazing stuff that's happening in the classroom! AND - when people are jazzed about their practice, they love to share! AND - since not everything is perfect, or goes amazingly all the time, maybe in interviewing teachers, I could facilitate reflection and improvement by sharing and working within the collaborative environment. SEE, just by responding to YOUR reply, I'm getting more focused! Thanks!