Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My #OneWord for 2016

 I have been thinking for a couple of weeks now about my #OneWord. I’m interested and invested in so many things that it was hard to narrow down my focus to one word.

The OneWord Short List

On the ‘short list’ is: Perseverance This word is a front-runner because it’s an element of the #GrowthMindset and something my school has been talking about and working on for over a year. My colleagues and I worry about the seeming-lack of perseverance in a large number of our students. We talk often about how to encourage and develop it in them (with them?). Perseverance is something I practice in my role as a student advocate – sometimes the roadblocks and barriers are high or solid and/or numerous and I need to persist in breaking or dismantling them and/or teaching students how to go around and over them.

Next on the short list: Empower: I’ve been reading the #InnovatorsMindset by @gcouros and I am excited about being mindful of empowering my students so that they can be successful and engaged in their learning, and hopefully reaching their goals and making themselves proud.

And the third word is: Create: I want to create this year. I want to create effective differentiated lessons on D2L. I want to create an interactive website for my #TLLP. I want to create interesting, thought-provoking blogs. I want to create content, not merely consume it!


Phew! I feel so much better now that that’s been decided!

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