Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Tribute & a Thought for B.Ed Students

I lost a friend this weekend. He died of cancer. He was a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a husband, a father, grandfather and brother. He was a TEACHER for over thirty years. He touched the lives of hundreds of students as well as those of his co-workers. He was kind, funny, passionate about teaching, especially English. As the news is spreading throughout our community, former students are compelled to share their feelings and memories of him: “an amazing teacher”; “Passionate about English and developing aspiring writers..”; “the most unique man I have ever met”; “I’ve never had a teacher as passionate about his job and his students”. And as I read these I think – there are not a lot of jobs where one can touch so many lives for years and years. I am #mindful of the impact we teachers have on the students that go through our doors. I feel immense #gratitude for the opportunity I have to make a difference, such as my friend has had. I hope I can be more like him.

I want to remind all those pursuing this profession vocation, of the unique gift you have to affect lives and affect change. Treasure it. Use it for the best. Appreciate it every day. Exercise compassion and thoughtfulness towards those you are leading. Your impact will be huge and will last past your lifetime.

I will miss you HH. I cannot imagine the world without you in it.

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