Monday, 28 September 2015

Youth, Media, Pop Culture: Week 1


The first class of Youth, Media and Popular Culture has come and gone. This is a relatively new course and the syllabus is being fleshed out by being put into practice.

The class started rolling after some technical difficulties, with a group activity where we had to read an article and do a mini presentation on it. My group (of 2) was to read an article on a new publication – a peer-reviewed journal called Punk and Post-Punk.
            The journal intends to serve the international academic, journalistic and industry communities engaged with punk and post-punk music, media and culture. It will explore notions of the ‘alternative’ and the ‘independent’ during the heady days of the punk explosion and the ensuing post-punk era.”(p.7)

I felt out of my comfort zone here because I do not listen to punk music. Or so I thought. When I looked up bands of this genre, I realized I have liked some of these songs for their edginess, their politicizing and their rebellion. And it’s a very intriguing concept to marry this with academic research and scholarship.

I’m wondering if the Punk movement is that prevalent in today’s youth? I think I will have to poke around amongst my students and see what they have to say.

When I came home from the course, I got involved in a conversation with my 23 year old son about the course, the presentation and the essay. He is very excited about tutoring and mentoring me and he gave me some excellent ideas and food for thought. We talked a lot about YouTube and its influence on today’s youth. I hadn’t even considered YouTube as a possible topic but I think I’d like to explore the possibilities.

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