Friday, 9 March 2012

First Blog

I have been rolling around the idea of blogging for the past 2 or 3 months. When I was off work for 7 weeks (5 if you consider that the two week Christmas break was in there) with a broken leg, I had to spend my time doing something. So I researched iPads in the classroom - which led me to a kazillion other sites and sounds and bytes and bounds! I've joined PLN's; I've increased my Twitter traffic by about 500% and I've stoked the fires of desiring to get my M.Ed. I barely have time to do RealTime things because I'm online looking for things to do RealTime at school!
So, how am I going to use my blog? I think I'll start by reflecting on my own practice and my days as a teacher. Perhaps as a parent/friend/reader too, but I'm not sure about that - I'll have to see. I certainly don't feel like I want anyone else to read it, at this point. I'm not particularly literary or brilliant, but I do have a lot of experience, good intuition and a passion for teaching, learning and helping others.
I think I'll use this to organize my thoughts and reflections..... hmmmm

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